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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OCCULT BLOOD select past events.

A selection of fliers from the last couple of years:

The "special guest" on this show was ASTRO (Hiroshi Hasegawa / C.C.C.C.).
It was also our first show with Sean Shit (Lakes/Wasted Truth etc.) as a 3 piece with Parasite and Dirty.

An epic line-up at this show, Dirty, Parasite, Ringworm, Grouch Groves (Dead Boomers/ Absoluten Calfeutrail/True Radical Miracle/Whitehorse etc.) and Scum Buckets (Embers/Bucketrider/ Pateras-Baxter-Brown)

Total audio annihilation, an amazing show, our friends Wasted Truth played their final show at a totally devestating and amazing event.
Occult Blood line up at this show was Dirty, Parasite, Haemolloyd and Disgusting Dan (Odiusembowel/731).

A big week for Occult Blood, a great Make It Up Club line-up and a one minute set amongst 49 acts at the amazing What Is Music Festival 50/50 event. From memory the line up for both shows was Dirty, Parasite and Gunnz (Pathetic Human/Debacle).

The second East Coast Australia tour for Occult Blood with our good friend Ivens. Melbourne show was with Acid Casualty and Gold Tango. Gold Tango, who were launching their cdep but failed to play due to keyboard meltdown. The Sydney show proved to be our shortest performance due to technical issues and a Parasite tantrum. It was a shame as we were playing with some killer other acts, Grimm Tongue, Defectro and Crux. Brisbane proved to be a great crowd and a fun night. The OB line up for the tour was Parasite, Dirty, Haemolloyd and Az Evil (Pure Evil Trio/Grimm Tongue/Masstrauma/Ether Rag etc.) the awesome Pisser (Nuclear Sex Addict) took up additional vocal duties and crowd leaping at the Melbourne show.

A great show with killer bands. Pretty sure the line up for this was Parasite, Dirty, Gunnz and (maybe) Haemolloyd. I think this is also the show where Gunnz (drums) turned up with absolutely no drum gear and asked Dirty (guitar) "do you have any drum sticks I can borrow" or that may have been the one below with a semi-similar list of bands at the same venue 2 weeks before.. also a killer show. BWBBs ripped hard. I know Haemolloyd played that one cos he acted weird about lending his amp to Acid Casualty for some reason.

(see above description)

This show was great. Killer bunch of bands and one of 2 shows we played with Ringworm on vox and Gunnz on drums while Dirty and Parasite dueled guitars.

A show with UK punks War All The Time... pretty sure this just bummed out the punx. It was the first of the 2 shows with Ringworm on vox and Gunnz on Drums post the below mentioned elbow blow out. Parasite and Dirty also held guitars.

The last show with Ringworm on Drums and the original 3 piece line up with Ringworm, Parasite and Dirty. About 3 minutes in to the set Ringworm yelled out that we had to stop due to his arm which he had shattered the elbow of a couple of years previous, had swollen up like a football.
Otherwise it was a decent show with the awesome Lakes and the debut show of PRF (Sharkey of Clockcleaner and co.)

A great show put together by the awesome Sabbatical lads. A hard to read flyer with a decrepit handful of dirtbags. Dirty was thrown out of this show as soon as we finished playing due to not having any shoes to wear (what a prick).

An interesting awakening. The first Occult Blood show. Parasite learned of a friend's passing minutes before playing, then ended up in an disagreement with a bar manager who threatened not to pay them due to Ringworm (who had legged it and was not about to deal with his minor mess) having filled in a form with too much humorous garbage. Dirty, overhearing the bar manager tell Parasite she was not going to pay OB before she stormed off took it upon himself to reach over the bar, turn on a beer tap and begen helping himself to a pint (note here that Dirty is not actually able to drink beer, what a prick) much to the security and bar staff's dislike.. some how after the minor shit storm, Parasite managed to extract payment from surly staff and keep a level enough head to continue on down the path of Occult Blood.

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